Llano River Field Station receives award

James Murr The Junction Eagle May 20, 2015 Texas Tech University’s Llano River Field Station in Junction has been selected for the “Education and Public Service Award” given by the Universities Council on Water Resources. The award recognizes “contributions to increased public awareness of water resources development, use, or management covering one or a combination of the natural, biological, and social sciences.” The Council is an association of universities and other organizations with executive offices located at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Dr. Tom Arsuffi is the Director of the Station. Upon being notified of the award, he said: “We are honored and pleased to be recog

When have you tested your private well?

Private Water Wells should be tested annually. Kimble County Groundwater Conservation District and the Real-Edwards Water Conservation and Reclamation District are sponsoring a water well screening day for area residents on Tuesday, May 19th at the Kimble County Courthouse. Samples must be turned in on the morning of May 19th by 10:00 a.m. and will be run that day. This well screening day is designed to inform private water well owners and users on the condition of their well water of possible contamination from common contaminants. These contaminants are fecal coliform, salinity and nitrate. The cost is $5 per sample. The presence of fecal coliform in water indicates that feces (bodily w

Instructions for Collecting and Submitting Water Samples for Screening

IMPORTANT: Using a permanent marker write your name, address, and telephone number on the sampling bag. (do this before you collect the sample). Instructions: Use a faucet as close to the well as possible for making the collection. If an inside faucet is used, remove the aerator before making the collection. If a garden hose is present, remove from faucet before taking the sample. Rinse and dry the exterior of the faucet to prevent exterior contamination of your water sample. Turn on the water full force and let it run at full force for two minutes. Reduce the water flow to a small stream. Tear off the perforated strip above the yellow twist ties from the top of the bag. Grasp the small wh

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