Guadalupe Bass Initiative

“Conservation is a state of harmony between
men and land.”

Aldo Leopold

Guadalupe Bass Restoration Initiative - 2018 Annual Report

Llano River honored with Top 10 Rivers to Watch…see TPWD Press Release


South Llano and the Alliance in July Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine!


Pictures of Guadalupe Bass fingerling release and TPWD Press Release


Tagging and Tracking Guadalupe Bass

Fisheries of Texas Database


Video – How Heart of the Hills Hatchery restores the Bass


Dr. Gary Garrett's Presentation on Guadalupe Bass Restoration Initiative on Upper Llano- from SW Stream Restoration Conference in May 


Destination Junction Community Meeting, July 31, 6, Kimble County Courthouse, Click on Agenda to view presentations


GBRI REPORT : Evaluating habitat associations of fish assemblage on the South Llano – Texas Tech


GBRI REPORT : Growth and habitat use of Guadalupe Bass on South Llano – Texas Tech 

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