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Instructions for Collecting and Submitting Water Samples for Screening


Using a permanent marker write your name, address, and telephone number on the sampling bag. (do this before you collect the sample).


  1. Use a faucet as close to the well as possible for making the collection. If an inside faucet is used, remove the aerator before making the collection. If a garden hose is present, remove from faucet before taking the sample.

  2. Rinse and dry the exterior of the faucet to prevent exterior contamination of your water sample.

  3. Turn on the water full force and let it run at full force for two minutes.

  4. Reduce the water flow to a small stream.

  5. Tear off the perforated strip above the yellow twist ties from the top of the bag. Grasp the small white tabs below the yellow twist ties of the water-sampling bag and pull the bag open. (be careful not to touch the inside of the bag with your fingers or the side of the faucet).

  6. Holding the yellow twist ties, fill the sampling bag three fourths full (less than 3/4 full may not be enough water to complete all screenings) and then whirl the bag top over bottom to close it. Some water may leak out but don’t worry. Tie the twist ties together.

  7. Place bag in a 20 to 32oz. plastic cup.

  8. Bring samples to the district office.

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