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Geologic Maps of Texas…allows a user to select a map and zoom in to see the geology…much easier on the eyes than the paper maps.


TWDB Groundwater Data Viewer- map shows water well location as well as water-level and water quality information for thousands of wells across the state. 


Soil Map of Texas…allows a user to select an Area of Interest (such as one's property) and generate a specially designed NRCS Soil Survey. Note: Area of Interest must be generated in order to see soil information…see tutorial


LCRA Hydromet shows temperature, streamflow, precipitation for all hydromet stations operated by the LCRA. Select the Map Extent (Expanded Lake Area) in the upper left corner and then select (from the next pull-down menu) which type of data to display. 


Water Quality in Texas allows the user to retrieve water quality information via map.


Hill Country Alliance Dynamic Mapping Tool – an interactive map showing data such as Springs, Major Watersheds, and Vegetation for a 17-country area

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